Brightening Bundle

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Get 3 of our best serums for a reduced price!

Items include:

Whitening Serum 15 ml (1)

Glow tonic 10 ml (1)

under eye brightening serum 5 ml (1)



Under eye Serum contains Vitamin E oil, Almond oil, orange oil, rosemary oil, clove oil, Lavender oil, rose hip
oil, peppermint oil, Eucalyptus oil, Lemon oil, Orange oil, Frankincense oil and 2 infused

Glow tonic contains a whitening herb infused with almond oil, rosehip oil, vitamin E oil, and 5 other
essential oils.

Whitening serum contains natural whitening agents. This serum contains plant derivatives of natural whitening ingredients such as Licorice, Bearberry Leaf Powder, White Mulberry Leaf Powder and an agent produced as a by-product of fermentation of malting rice.

How to use?

2-3 drops of whitening serum have to be used every night on the entire face. Avoid using it in the day time completely. Spread the serum all over the face with your fingers and let it soak in. Make sure you apply sunblock everyday for the serum to be more effective as sun damage leads to tanning. Store in a cool and dry place

2-3 drops of Glow tonic have to be used at night all over the face on alternate days in the summer time and can be used at any time of the day in winters. Apply two drops on each cheek and one on the forehead and gently spread on your skin then tap in the excess and let it absorb.

Under eye serum has to be applied at night. One drop under each eye and massage in a gentle circular motion. It has to be used every night

Safety Instructions

Always test any products containing essential oils for any allergic reaction. Rub a small amount of this product inside of your elbow area to check for any allergic reactions. If you experience any irritation wash the area with any carrier oil such as almond, olive or castor. For external use only, do not let this product get into your eyes.

Ideally use whitening serum within 1 month of purchase, expiry is within 3 months

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