Face Masks and Scrubs Bundle

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Get face masks and scrubs at a discounted price for a beautiful and balanced complexion.

  1. Ubtan mask Set
  2. Eventone Mask Set
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  1. Ubtan Mask Set:

1) Mariam’s Ubtan Glow Face Jar – 300 g

2) Alovera Rosewater (Alovera Vera is infused in rose water) – 60ml

3) Jasmine oil (100% pure and full of face nutrients) – 30ml

Eventone Mask Set:

1) Eventone Jar – 100 g

2) Rose water (100% pure and full of face nutrients) – 60ml

How to use?

Ubtan Mask: Use one table spoon of ubtan. Dilute it with one tea spoon of jasmine oil and milk. Apply the paste on your face. Keep on for 20mins Scrape it off with Alovera rose water. Leave that for 5-6mins. Then rinse with water. (Apply 2-3 times in a week for best results)

Even tone Mask: Make a paste by diluting rose water with  one table spoon of even tone mask. Leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes then scrape it off with water. (Apply 2-3 times in a week for best results)


Ubtan Mask: Husn e yousaf, Orange husk, Tumeric, Sandlewood, Barley grains, Flower petals, Wars, Hibiscus flower, Neem, Almond husk, Sea foam, Jasmine oil, Alovera, Rose water

Even tone Mask: Hibiscus powder, Rose petals ,oats, rice powder, fullers earth, orange peel, costus roots, Memecylon tinctorium


Even tone mask helps against tanning and skin irregularities for a clearer and evened out skin tone.

Ubtan mask helps clear and brighten skin tone and also helps fight against acne and facial spots.


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