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Glow Tonic has natural herbs and essential oils that helps in every skin problem.

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Contains a whitening herb infused with almond oil, rosehip oil, vitamin E oil, and 5 other essential oils. Two drops a day to be spread out evenly. Focus more in the under eye area or uneven skin tone regions.

Quantity – 10 ml

How to use?

2-3 drops of Glow tonic have to be used at night all over the face on alternate days in the summer time and can be used at any time of the day in winters. Apply two drops on each cheek and one on the forehead and gently spread on your skin then tap in the excess and let it absorb.

گلو ٹانِک کے دو سے تِین قطرے پورے چہرے پر صبح کے وقت اچھی طرح لگا لیں اور ساتھ ہلکی مالش کرلاین . گرمیوں کے موسم میں اگر ایکنی کا مسئلہ ہے یا جلد زدہ اولئی ہے تو ایک دن چور کر دوسرے دن لگا سکتے ہیں .


  • Helps with a more even skin tone
  • Clearer skin with anti-acne properties
  • Brighter complexion
  • Moisturized skin
  • Helps against dryness

جلد کی رنگت کو صاف ہوگی •

اس میں ایکنی کو ختم کرنے والے اجزاء شامل ہیں •

   جلد برائٹ ہوگی •

 اسے جلد کو نمی حاصل ہوتی ہے جو ایجینگ کو رکتی ہے •

                         اسے جلد کی خشکی کم ہوتی ہے •


  • Prunus Amygdalus (Sweet Almond Oil)
  • Rosa Canina (Rose-hip essential oil)
  • Lavandula (Lavender essential oil)
  • Memecylon tinctorium (Wars)
  • Glycyrrhiza glabra (Licorice
  • Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

  وٹامن ای •

میٹھے بادام کا تیل •

 ملٹھی •

لیونڈر کا تیل •

گلاب کا تیل •

ورس •

Safety Instructions

Always test any products containing essential oils for any allergic reaction. Rub a small amount of this product inside of your elbow area to check for any allergic reactions. If you experience any irritation wash the area with any plenty of water. For external use only, do not let this product get into your eyes.

کسی بھی پراڈکٹ میں اگر اسینشل آئلز شامل ہوں ، تو ضَرُوری ہے کے ان کو الرجی کے لیے ٹیسٹ کر لیا جائے . ٹیسٹ کرنے کے لیے تھوڑا سا پراڈکٹ اپنے ہاتھ پر مل کر دیکھے اگر جلن یا ریدنیس ہو تو پراڈکٹ کا استعمال نا کریں .

3 reviews for Glow Tonic

  1. Honey (verified owner)

    First time using a glow tonic and I have had terrible sleep lately so this product has been a life saver for me during my busy time on holiday. I use this every other morning now and only need a couple drops to cover whole face without making it greasy. It hydrates skin instantly with a lightweight smooth feel. I don’t even put makeup on when I have this on as it feels and looks so good. It has premium organic ingredients that comes in a lovely little bottle which is easy to apply on the face.

  2. Noor Fatymah (verified owner)

    Ordering it for the second time, it has safrron in it which makes the skin soft and glowy, I really like it’s mild fragrance as well.
    Satisfied with this product. Hope the quality stays the same (high) always

  3. Honey (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered more and used a few bottles of these now. This is my favourite mariams product, I completely love it and have stocked up on about 5 extra bottles already. This makes your skin truly glow and shine. It does not feel greasy at all, the skin absorbs it well and leaves a lovely dewy glow that you cannot get with any branded products. Would love to get this in a larger bottle <3

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